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~Just the facts man~
Here it is...the wonderful creation that is...Jason Navarro, and his cool web site.

Since you're reading this you obviously want to find out something about this sites author(me). There is now a pic of me (look to the right of this page) for all of you who wanted to know what the "Jason" looks like. This is my pic for golf...a little better than that guy with the cool bag on his head that I had before. I have more pics on my Pics of Me page, but most of them are me cheering(i'm a cheerleader) and at homecoming(before and at the dance).

Ok here's some info about me; I'm 17, 5'6", 140lbs, brown hair, blue eyes. My B-Day is Sept.4,1982.I'm a senior at Pahrump Valley High School(pahrump is next to las vegas). I was voted most spirited and best dressed in the yearbook by my fellow students.I am currently single but hey that's the best way to be right!?(losers say that a lot i think) I'm a 3.8 student and also in Interact Club(man i'm a nerd huh?) I LOVE STAR WARS!!!!!!(hence the name DarthMegalon) Oh yah the Megalon in my name is a monster from an old cheezy Godzilla movie, Godzilla vs. Megalon. I'll name numerous things on my site after Godzilla creatures so if there's a weird name like Ghidra or Gigan you know what it is. Ummm I'm into reading various literature, my favorites being Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Jonathan Swift, John Grisham, and Micheal Crichton.(pretty wide variety huh?)Well I think that's enough for now. If you find any of this interesting email me with questions and I'll respond or give you my ICQ number.Well tootles for now!

So what is this crazy thing they call DarthMegalon's site?

I don't really know what's going to be on this site yet since I'm writing this before I have actually done anything with it. But when I do figure it out you'll be the second to know(me being the first).

Jason Navarro